King of Trash Yodel and Weirdest One man Band On Earth

  EXTRAS !  

Here we are, you are about to enter the virtual Kingdom of Thee Mysterious asthmatis avenger French One Man Band since 1993.

Yodel, rock'n roll, poetry, trash blues and mystical experiences are what you get if you follow his way.

This website is on refection as i didn't do any work on it since several years. Hope i can finish what I began this time.

On This page you can read about the latest news in the live and creations of Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger. Hope You'll have as much fun as me keeping "Asti" alive.


Saturday october 15th new web page for the MAA website ! at least. Now this site will be in bad and weak english language. French will be used also as well. If you don't understand what the MAA is writing, try to imagine. Thats what he does with music. When he does not understand and has to play the song yek yek yek...

If you already want to download songs, it's here but under construction. Not all is finished



Monday October 27th 2008 on "Wreck This Mess Radio show" Thee MAA is playing live at Radio Patapoe Amsterdam 88.3FM with Bart Plantenga !
in a Hasil Adkins style with some amazing yodeling Comes out of hibernation to play LIVE on WTM ~direct from the middle of France~
If we can grab a copy of the show, then you get it here boys and girls !

Bart Plantenga's Blog and website :




Octobre 23 concert in Rennes (France) at the Mondo Bizarro together Mister Bonz and the Roller Coasters. We had fun ! Cooking sauerkraut on stage and making a Yodel contest was part of the show. If there are any pics aroun here, let's show them !
  Soon some new MP3 to download !