First let me explain it to the neophits : what is YODEL or JODEL ? It is a singing technic made with your voice going from your body to your head. It is well known in Germany, Swiss and Austria, where this kind of yell is used in folkloric music. I would recommend you the records of Franzel lang (if you can stand them !) the german yodel king. But there are many others. I'd started a collection of yodel music records, and if you wich to contribute to this awfull crusade, then you're invited to help me ! This page will soon be the Ultimate reference in Yodeling ! I hope so with your help.

But Yodeling is also used in Country music (see the songs of Jimmie Rogers or Roy Rogers) and even in other part of the world such as papouasie and new Guinea. First, you can try to visit this amazing site : http://www.yuckles.com/yodel.htm

The Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger is going to learn to the crowds how to Yodel with him together and pray for Zarghla, the king of the CHEESE ! YOLALAHIIIIITOOOOOOOOOOOOO !



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