King of Trash Yodel and Weirdest One man Band On Earth

  EXTRAS !  

The fantastic and Wonderfull life of the Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger


Among the big upholders of the justice of this world, one finds Superman, the Pope, Batman, or still Wonder Woman to quote only those there. Lowering batard of this family of more or less masked avengers, thee MYSTERIOUS ASTHMATIC AVENGER has for mission to save the world of the moral order, the Cartesianism and the precarious and mental balance which characterizes the human race.

Endowed well on great unlimited powers, it is with a devilish precision, that he massacres and simplifies for you the big classical authors of Rock'n Roll, country music, traditionnal Yodelin and making them accessible to all. Masked, wearing an antigravity cap, armed with his marvelous Haze, the enchanted guitar, Thee Mysterious asthmatic avenger composes his own music and makes the crowds jodel while he appears on stage ! When he is happy, he does "live cooking" during his shows and his favorites are saussages (knack style) with Sauerkraut.

His idols are Hasil Adkins, Jack Starr, and Franzl Lang. But many others inspired him as Jimmie Rogers, Gene Autry, Robert Johnson, Roy Rogers, The Cramps, and Son House. But those people are way to serious for us now. Let's concentrate on the mission. And the story Goes on :

So the avenging minstrell goes away on the roads and meets on a crossroads during a night of thunderstorm : ZARGHLA, the god made from French stinking cheese. It is only after that revelation that thee Mysterious becomes the first apostle of the Big Milky, and will go to preach the good, serving disorder, preaching for a new religion : the ZARGHLISM made out of Primitive rites used in the celebration of this cult like trow of Knacky sausages (or of Strasbourg and possibly Frankfort), Tyrolean yodel, and cheese immolation.


When Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger sings Zarghla's praises, with his guitar, the kitchen cymbals and the rhythmic suitcase, the country-folk-psychiatric music flies away in the limits of the accoustic-core musical experiments, for the biggest happiness of the heavenly Camembert which looks at him from the sky................ .I have to say that all this started in 1993 and it's already too much !

Certain little reliable persons assert having seen our mystic poet, Thee Mysterious astmatic avenger playing the guitar with groups such as Mini cooper gang or Vibrafingers. Can one bring some credit to these noises spread from kitchen to latrines?
Festivals, concerts, animations, birthday parties, Thee Mysterious asthmatic avenger will not stop right there ! However within the most prestigious, one can quote " battle of the one man band " with Lightening beat-man in 96 through Europe, the other European tour in september 2000 with the Watzloves and Reverend Beatman, or still the Festival Aucard of Tours, and Beach Party of the Hiero association....

Let us note dear reader, that the apostles of Zarghlisme were formerly more numerous.Their names are still remaining in history : Portugese Jo, the Double bucket player, Red Wildman, the drummer, Clarence Abercombie, the biograph and singing poet, Sweet Nono, the vocalist, Steph from the fields, Harmonica player, Bayou Boy, another drummer.... and maybe we forget. Sorry. They were too much..

All praying with the MAA together to convert the crowds. Regrettably a somber history of lysteriose reduced the rows of the admirers of Zarghla. Thee Mysterious asthmatic avenger is the last one of the last officiating priests of the zarghlique cult such as formed in the big tradition. Disgusting.

After those magical times, fed up of ridding alone in the wild prairie, the MAA (as he uses to call himself) fall in love with a beautifful creature of god, Miss Pneumonia Hortense Blutchinson. This is the beginning of a new and terrific story because they couldn't have any child. Only after a few years mariage, thee MAA discovered that "She" was in fact "He". Miss Hortense was a man.

Now, alone with his portable drum kit, his banjo and guitars, he is still not retired. He even plan to invade your world. Zarghlism is nicht dead ! Listen my friends, listen... The digital 5.1 world will soon have an end.