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The Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger is a productive one man band as you can see it on this discography.
Here is my autoproduct stuff :

thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger plays 13 Garbage Classics

AUDIO TAPE 13 Songs. The realy first one ! weird stuff all recorded in the kitchen with one man, one guitar, one track !!!!!

My Mother Told Me I Was A Monster (and my papa did too) - Saussage Rock - Surfin' Bird - Song About The Fact To Be A Chair - Looking for a Virgin - The Way I Walk - Spaghetti Rumble (Artie Spaghetti) - Nutela - Goo Goo Muck - The Vampire - Teenage Killer - The Spider (Trez Trezzo Version) - Mini Cooper Gang

On this records appears Red Wildman on Drums in Surfin'Bird

Tribute to Zarghla

AUDIO TAPE with 14 songs. ALL IS RECORDED IN THE LIVING ROOM with some guest neigboors and stars.

Eat Your Postman - Lonely - I love Rock and Roll - Playmobil sex appeal - Asthmatic Surf on Cheese - Land of 1000 Ducks - Zarghla king of the Cheese - I Walked With Zarghla Tonight - Eat a Mars On Mars - Perverted Jungle Headlooser - I walked with Zarghla lone version - Eat Your Postman Lone Version - I don't Want to Kill you Honey Stung Paws Revisited

Honey let's fuck

17 new tracks on a tape ! in Monstereo !

Hello mister Beatman - Taking time Now - I don't Want to kill you - Honey let's fuck - Hahahahahah haze - I don't want to kill you alone - I wanna go to wkxytxsmble - Fuck you Blues - Zarghla i wanna be with - Chiken Walk - There is a pain in my heart - Houndogg - R&R place - Little Girl - Un poil sur le bord de la cuvette - Youngblood in the UK - Jungle Hop.

Nothing to say ! Perfect ! the Bronchitic Smockers play With MAA here !

King of Yodel

Another audio tape to be proud of ! All recorded in the bed mountain ! Countain a real Jodel lesson by the MAA himself !

Presentation - My name is Jesus - Lesson 1 - California Hippy Murder - Lesson 2 - LSD - Lesson 3 - I wanna be a cowboy Sweatheart - lesson 4 - The true Story of Pedro The chiken (dedicated to deche's zouzou) - Lesson 5 - surprise

Thrills Laughs Music !
Audio tape

Super sampler of older songs.... a bunch of titles

surfin' bird - spaghetti rumble - postman - i love rock and roll - playmobil - zarghla cheese surfer - land of 1000 ducks - i walked with Zarghla - Zarghla king of the cheese - Hello mister beatman - I don't want to kill you - jungle hop - sex drugs and rock and roll - John hardy loves you - My mother told me i was a monster - saussage rock - i'm a chair - looking for a virgin - the way i walk - nutellargh directly from your ass - googoo muck - the vampire - honey let's fuck - fuck you wild blues - garbage tone -we all wear very dirty underpants - poor lonesome avenger in the sky - eat puddle shit - hush poney - hound dog - here came the avenger - surfin' yodel bird

The Corpopetrucian Sound of Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger
7" 5 songs with thee bronchitic smokers RAW SOUND

VINYL !!!!!!!! a few copies left !

Eat Your Postman - This Is Good For Me - El Timble Del Vaquero - I Don't Want To Kill You - Garbage clic to download MP3

Wild Rock 'n Roll For Bad Tasters

CD 28 songs a compilation sampler finaly on CD
( remember i hate cd's but you all like them !) some of the songs here don't appear on any other tape !

My name is Maa intro - eat your postman - sex drugs and rock and roll - el timble del Vaquero - i don't want to kill you - garbage - fuck you wild blues - surfin'bird - the way i walked - spaghetti rumble - nutela - goog g oo muck - the vampire - cheeta please don't go - here comes the avenger - poor lonesome avenger -wear dirty underpants - garbage acoustic - too many strings - intro yodel - his name is jesus - yodel lesson 1 california hippy murder - yodel lesson 2 - lsd - yodel lesson 3 cowboy sweetheart - yodel lesson 4 - pedro the chiken -yodel conclusion - i love r&r - asthmatic surf on cheese - monster in the closet - broken roll boogie


The Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger also apears on compilations SEE THE COMPILATIONS

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