These are the galleries featuring the pictures of the Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger and Friends. Each gallery needs about 1 minute to load so be patient and you will never forget those magical moments when penetrating the intimity of the life of that great super heroe !


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Picture gallery 1
Thee Mysterious Asthm
atic Avenger Alone
This is black and white and color pictures of the master, posing in his garden or playing live. Quite old pictures now, but some good ones.

Picture gallery 2
Thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger with the Bronchitic Smokers

Together with his backing band from 1995-1996, the Bronchitic Smockers in live performance or posing for eternity.

Picture gallery 3
On tour with Lightning Beatman

These are the pictures of the first Europe tour together with lightening Beatman, from switzerland in the BATTLE of the one man Band. Lots of pictures and comments.

Picture gallery 4
On tour with Reverend Beatman and thee Watzloves

The second Europe tour with Beatman and the Watzloves as the Voodoo Rhyhtm record revue.

Picture gallery 5
With Miss Pneumonia-Hortense Blutchinson Live

The new combo of thee MAA with a strange perverted creature : a must see !

Picture gallery 6
Strange copies

People trying to look like the mysterious asthmatic avenger...send your picture !