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And here is she ! Miss Pneumonia Hortense Blutchinson : One of the Ugliest Women of the wild wild west. She is now the new drummer and slide guitar player of the Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger. What does she want, where does she come from ? this page will try to answer for her now.
Name : Pneumonia Hortense Blutchinson
Age : Too old to fuck
Weight : More than a beer barrel
Mesurement : MMMMMMMh !
Favorite Food : Saussages from Frankfort
Instruments : Metal drum, beercan, steel guitar, anything else that sound bad....
Hobbies : Things with Donkeys
Born : Old Orleans
Favorite Movie : Soap commercials ?!?!?

The story till Now !

When she came on earth in december 1952, Miss Pneumonia
Hortense Hutchinson was a very unfortunate child, because she was the daughter of a beer barrel her father was, can i say it ? a toothbrush. Yes, that's incridibly strange, but it is thrue. So she went to the music very early to escape from her parents. She had a very sad childhood and started smoking before her own birth in the belly of her mother. Then she discover music by hearing the cowbells. Her life could be like this, from farmwork to church (wher she use to perform a donkey show each friday evening), but she was taken away by her charming prince thee Mysterious Asthmatic Avenger !

From this time, she lives like in paradise, eats tons of saussages (her favourite meal) and can beat the drums till it rains....
She now wants to go japan on weeding Tour with her heroe !

Download an MP3 Song with Pneumonia on Drums !
































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